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Crisis management

In extreme emergency situations crisis management professionals have to take on a multitude of responsibilities. Given the complexity of societal and institutional dynamics taking place at the national, European and international levels, it is ever more important to develop abilities to adopt comprehensive approaches and specific behavioural attitudes in order to maintain cohesion, pertinence and coherence. Anticipation of a crisis enables the negative impact to be reduced by making sure that those involved in handling a crisis are prepared. This course is dedicated to methods and skills development for crisis prevention, crisis management, crisis communication and restoring stability. It complies with the recommendations of the Europe’s Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRI) for which ENA is the approved training centre on the themes of good governance and civil administration.



  • To acquire and consolidate know-how about crisis management in different contexts and settings
  • To raise awareness about crisis prevention tools 
  • To develop skills in crisis communication and ability to face media in an emergency situation 
  • To develop ability  to negotiate in a context of crisis
  • To share good practices and experiences

Provisional contents

The training contents will combine a number of illustrative situations for crisis management in different contexts (national, European, international) and situations (emergency situations, natural disasters, security, armed conflict, sanitary crisis). Thematic workshops, simulation exercises and group-work activities will be organized throughout the course. Participants will be required to prepare elements that will be helpful in role-playing sessions and practical cases according to their expectations and requirements. Case studies may be developed in cooperation with the Center of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation of the ICRC and other partners.


Target audience

Civil servants, diplomats, military personnel, spokes-persons, professionals dealing with crisis prevention and crisis management


Practical information

  • Dates: from November 29 to December 3, 2021
  • Teaching language: English
  • Venue: ENA, 2 avenue de l’Observatoire - 75006 Paris
  • Tuition fees:  1400 euros for candidates without a French government grant (these fees will have to be paid in advance by transfer)