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Asia – Oceania

ENA's cooperation in Asia

ENA carries out cooperation actions with administrations and training schools for senior civil servants in Asia and Oceania wishing to exchange, compare and develop new know-how related to the training and missions of senior civil servants and leaders of public administration.

This cooperation covers issues relating to government work, the management of public action and governance, themes at the heart of ENA's business, as well as various public policies related to urban planning, sustainable development, economic and industrial development and social policies.

Cooperation partners

ENA is conducting administrative cooperation in Asia, with a priority focus on Vietnam and India while seeking to play an active role in other countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Malaysia.

These different forms of cooperation reinforce the traditional dynamic of our exchanges with Asia, which consists of hosting young civil servants from Japan, China, India and Korea on international courses.

A few examples of ENA's partner countries in Asia :


ENA's cooperation focuses primarily on strengthening governance.

As part of a Priority Solidarity Fund that ended in 2018, a program to support the Administrative Office of the Presidency was organized and included, in particular, expert missions to Afghanistan and the hosting of delegations in France.

In addition, the ENA and the Ministry of the Interior were responsible, between 2012 and 2015, for training all 34 deputy governors of the country's provinces.

ENA has also been involved in supporting several other administrations and institutions by organizing study visits for delegations of around twenty people for the Afghan parliamentary institution and the Ministry of Justice (on legal matters, in particular).



For historical reasons, IIAP and then ENA have always maintained cooperation with this country, in particular with the Ecole Royale d'Administration (ERA).

Between 2011 and 2015, a master's degree in public management has been created in partnership with the Royal University of Law and Economics of Phnom Penh.

Exchanges with this country remain important for ENA, particularly with the Diplomatic Institute of Cambodia which was created in 2018.



China has long been ENA's main partner in Asia. However, the political and administrative context since 2013, due to a government policy of fighting corruption and restricting international exchanges for senior officials, has forced the ENA and its Chinese partners to reduce their cooperation.

These relations were then reoriented towards other forms, for example a project to publish public management books translated into Chinese was initiated in 2015 with the Pudong Academy of Executives (CELAP), with the support of the French Embassy. The first book was published in 2018.

In addition, a cooperation agreement, renewed in 2018, between the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ENA allows the Chinese government to support the hosting, with Chinese funding, of diplomats in international courses and personalized training for visiting diplomats. Under this agreement, visiting diplomats follow a tailor-made program composed of internships, personalized interviews and short international programs. The last visiting diplomat was received in 2019.

The school's main partners include: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese Communist Party Central School (ECPCC) and the Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG).


This cooperation mainly takes place through the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, based on a convention existing since 2011 with the Diplomatic Academy for the reception of Korean diplomats in international cycles at the ENA.

In addition, relations have been developed with key Korean organizations through study visits and meetings, notably the Ministry of Personnel Management, the Governor's Association of Korea (GAOK), the Anti-Corruption & Civil Right Commission (ACRC) of the Korean Ministry of the Interior, the National Human Resources Development Institute and the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG).


The ENA regularly welcomes Indian diplomats in long cycles since the Department of Professional Training (DoPT) accredited the ENA as an eligible structure for the continuing education scholarship program for Indian civil servants.

Concerning the short courses (PIC), the DoPT sends each year a dozen senior civil servants to the courses offered in English.

ENA's objective is to increasingly interest the Indian government in developing projects with the School and to give content to the links that unite us with our main partners: the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), the DoPT and the Foreign Service Institute. Two study visits were organized in 2019 for the IIPA.



Japan is a strategic partner for ENA's cooperation as it represents the third foreign contingent in international cycles after the Germans and Moroccans. The financial support of the Gaimusho (Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs) enables this relationship to be consolidated every year.

The interest of ENA's Japanese partners in the French administrative system, particularly in the modernization of the State and the training of senior civil servants, has made it possible to forge ties with the National Personnel Authority (Jinji-in). Similarly with other partners such as the Graduate School of Public Policy of the University of Tokyo (GRASPP).

ENA also has a partnership with a major Japanese group, the Marubeni Group which offers scholarships each year so that two ENA students can do an internship at the group's parent company in Japan.



For a long time, ENA's cooperation with this country was very limited because it was mainly oriented towards the Anglo-Saxon world. However, the Malaysian government's current desire to diversify international partnerships has made it possible to consider developing cooperation with this country.

The Director General of the Malaysian administration was received at the ENA in 2019 and confirmed his wish to increase exchanges with the ENA.

A dozen Malaysian civil servants have thus followed short international programs of ENA in 2019.

In addition, ENA has long-standing links with the National Institute of Administration (INTAN) which is a continuing education institute that welcomes civil servants of all levels.



Cooperation with the National School of Public Policy (NSPP) is long-standing. Each year, ENA welcomes a delegation of about ten people as part of the study trip to France made by each class.

The French Embassy in Pakistan contributes to strengthening this cooperation by asking ENA to organize missions to Pakistan. Two experts have been sent in 2019.

Finally, the French Embassy calls upon ENA every year for short training courses offered to Pakistani civil servants with funding from the post.


Since 2002, ENA has developed a close cooperation with this country. Among the main partners are the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC), the Institute for the Promotion of Good Governance (IGP), the King Prajadhipok Institute (KPI) and Chulalongkorn University.

The ENA, the IGP and the OPDC are also bound by a cooperation agreement and, during meetings organized in 2019, it is planned to develop new joint projects, particularly in connection with internships for ENA students in Thailand.



Vietnam is one of ENA's main partners in Asia, with regular study visits to France for high-ranking officials from this country, the most recent of which took place at the end of 2019 for the Vietnamese CP Organization Commission.

In addition, ENA welcomes every year auditors and students in international cycles thanks, in particular, to the support of the French Embassy.

Among ENA's main partners in Vietnam are the VCP Organization Commission, the Ho Chi Minh Academy and the National Academy of Public Administration (ANAP).

Exemples d’actions


Visite d’étude de 3 jours à l’intention d’une délégation  de vice-gouverneurs

Download (353 kB, PDF)


Visite d’étude de 5 jours  de cadres des entreprises publiques et privées

Download (368 kB, PDF)


Visite d’étude à l’intention d’une délégation de hauts fonctionnaires thailandais

Download (382 kB, PDF)


Visite d’étude de 2 semaines à l’intention d’une délégation de la Cour suprême du Vietnam

Download (448 kB, PDF)