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North Africa and Middle East

Relations between ENA, North Africa and the Middle East

A cooperation based first and foremost on relations with administration schools

ENA maintains historical links in North Africa and the Middle East through the schools and institutes of administration existing in several countries. Thus in North Africa cooperation relations  have been established primarily with schools in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. ENA supports initial training programsfor civil servants, as well as certain continuing education sessions. ENA has thus contributed to the success of the merger between the Moroccan ENA and the Higher Institute of Administration (ISA) in Rabat, which took shape in 2016 with the creation of the National Superior School of Administration (ENSA) with which a partnership agreement was immediately signed. A large-scale project has also been launched in Egypt with the creation of a school for training the country's elite, which will be housed within the National Training Academy in Cairo.

In the more specific field of training for diplomats, some diplomatic institutes or academies, such as those in Cairo or Tunis, have called on the experience of the ENA and its network of stakeholders to provide certain training courses. Study visits have thus been organized for about ten years for graduating students from the Institute of Diplomatic Studies in Cairo. These collaborations may be more ad hoc, as illustrated by the organization of the conference "Diplomacy and globalization: the diplomat facing the emergence of new rules and actors in international relations" which was organized in partnership with the Diplomatic Institute for Training and Studies and the ENA of Tunis.

Development of specific training courses

Many administrations call upon ENA for occasional or regular training actions. As an example, since 2010, the Basil Fuleihan Institute of Finance of Lebanon has been organizing the « Meetings of Lebanese Civil Service Executives ». French experts come to Beirut and exchange on the issues of their administrations, as this year on the theme of crisis management. In Jordan, other French speakers visited the King Abdullah Center of Excellence (KACE). In addition to updating knowledge, these training sessions are an opportunity for senior officials to exchange and compare notes with their French counterparts.

These exchanges also take place in Paris where study visits are organized by the School in French, English or Arabic. Since 2014, the date of its creation, the graduating class of Israeli Civil Service Cadets has been coming to Paris to meet with speakers chosen by ENA to compare the functioning and challenges of certain administrations in charge of State reform, human resource management in the civil service or economic competitiveness. This traditional visit culminated, on June 17, 2019, with the organization of a Franco-Israeli symposium on the theme « How to be a civil servant in a demanding society » in partnership with the Civil Service Commission of Israel. Moroccan territorial executives, organized in delegations of about thirty civil servants, have been regularly hosted in Paris for two weeks of training on decentralization issues (2016-2019).

Institutional visits are included in the programs of the Kuwaiti delegations of the Civil Service Commission which are regularly received in France: Council of State, National Assembly, Court of Auditors...

In addition, ENA allows many students from foreign institutions (e.g. students from ENA Tunis) to do internships in French administrations.

Networks and consortia

ENA regularly joins forces with other French or European partners to form consortia in the North Africa and Middle East region. The synergies created make it possible to respond to projects with a longer duration and more funding. ENA has thus supported the creation of a Master's degree in Public Management in Bahrain, contributed to capacity building for the Moroccan National Assembly, the Algerian Cour des Comptes, the Egyptian Ministry of Local Development, and the Directorate General of Administration and Civil Service in Tunisia. (cf. Multilateral Activities).

Finally, ENA's participation in regional networks such as Gift-MENA,or the North Africa and Middle East region ARADO (Arab Administrative Development Organization) is an important vector of cooperation with these countries.

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