Upcoming training sessions – our planning

ENA’s EU Competitions Department organises training sessions throughout the year, based on competitions opened by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). Also, whatever your competition or the stage of your recruitment procedure (preselection, intermediate or selection), you will certainly find a training adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to we will schedule additional sessions based on individual requests – subject to a sufficient number of participants.

We offer two types of training:

  • in class trainings ;
  • distance trainings : either in the form of collective virtual classes; or, where appropriate, in the form of individual coachings.

Our next training sessions

CBT training and preparation session 
Date : 9th and 10th of September
Location : Remote (Zoom)
Competitions targeted : All competitions - Administrators level
Subscription : Contact us directly at prepa.concourslaACTIANTISPAM@ena.fr 

In class training

Our face-to-face trainings are short, intensive and in small groups. Their duration varies between half a day and three full days depending on the type of tests dealt with. Their aim is to provide candidates with targeted preparation advice and to provide them with proven and effective methodologies , as well as teaching materials adapted to the reality of competitions.

Organised mainly in Paris and Brussels (as well as, occasionally, in Strasbourg and Luxembourg), in French or English, they cover the different stages of the competitions:

  • pre-selection phase (Computer-Based Tests - CBT):
    • preparation for verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning tests (1.5 days of training - 24 participants maximum);
    • preparation for CBT and situational judgment (2 days of training - 24 participants maximum);
  • intermediate phase (e-Tray Exercise): preparation for the mail tray exercise (approximately 5 hours of training – 24 participants maximum);
  • selection phase (Assessment Center Tests):
    • case study (0.5 day of training - 24 participants maximum);
    • oral tests (group exercise, interview focusing on general skills, even oral presentation and / or motivational interview, depending on the competition - 1.5 to 2 days of training - 8 participants maximum);
    • case study and oral tests (group exercise, interview focusing on general competencies, even oral presentation and / or motivational interview, depending on the competition - 2.5 to 3 days of training - 8 participants maximum)

In addition to these in class trainings, tailor-made face-to-face training courses can also be organised anywhere in France, in the EU Member States as well as in the candidate countries, in partnership with national administrations, universities or professional unions. They then follow specific format and conditions.

Distance training

Since April 2020, we have also launched collective virtual classes via Classilio learning platform – which allows small groups of learners to attend online seminars in an interactive and lively way from separate locations.

Collective virtual classes use a format close to face-to-face training and pursue the same objectives, with some adaptations, in particular in terms of duration, number of participants (6 participants maximum) and teaching materials. Their duration does not exceed half a day with a 20-minute break. They are monothematic, that is to say that they relate only to one test among Assessment Center tests:

  • case study ;
  • group exercise;
  • oral presentation;
  • general competency-based interview.

In the event that you cannot attend our face-to-face training or our virtual classes, we also offer, where applicable and as far as possible, individual coachings via Skype, FaceTime or Classilio. These are personalised sessions with a trainer, whose content is defined according to your specific needs for a higher price than other training courses. They can relate to all stages of European competitions (preselection, intermediary, selection). Individual distance coaching is organized when the EU Competitions Department's training schedule allows.

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Please note: the information provided through our News feed relates only to the training courses organised by ENA’s EU Competitions Department. If you would rather obtain up-to-date information on European competitions (published or upcoming competition notices, registration procedures, number of candidates registered per competition, etc.), you can consult the official website of the European Selection Office of personnel (EPSO).