Master’s programme in prevention and risk management

As from October 2012 the ENA offers a new Master’s programme on « Prevention and and risk management » which replaces the former master organised in partnership with the Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l’Information (EISTI).

This programme, which has been accredited by the French conference of professional graduate schools (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles), aims at training future Risk managers with an extensive and sound knowledge in all forms and aspects of prevention and risk management. There is a special focus on interactions with local authorities, as well as on the duties of public and private actors concerned by these issues.

This master’s programme is intended for professionals and students working or planning to work in areas requiring skills in communication and crisis management, whether this is in environmental risks arising from natural disasters, civil defence, public health or other domains.

Classes are organised in the ENA in Strasbourg on Thursdays and Fridays from mid-October to the end of April, and are compatible with full-time employment. Students are also required to do a trainig period and write a professional thesis.

It is also possible to follow courses on single modules.

The teaching language is French.

The closing date for applications is 24 June 2013.

More information and programme (french version)

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