The students' examination (Concours externe)

The concours externe is for students pursuing university-level studies. This includes students from the universities, graduate business or engineering schools (grandes écoles), the écoles normales supérieures (originally training schools for professors), certain military academies and the institutes of political science (instituts d'études politiques).

Conditions for taking the examination

  • Have French nationality or that of a member State of the European Union
  • Hold at least a degree of the second cycle of university-level studies (licence or equivalent)

The examinations

The entrance examination is in two phases: qualifying examination (admissiblité) and then, for those chosen, the examination for admission (admission). Both have several parts.

The qualifying examination

  • Based on public law, economics and general culture.
  • Drafting a memorandum based on a file on the European Union or social questions

The examination for admission

  • Oral examination on public finance and international affairs
  • Oral examination on the European Union or social questions
  • Reading, translation and conversation in a foreign language.

Questions fréquentes

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